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Odds & SODS


New products will be added regularly!  Please visit this section often! 

Odds & SODs:  Things that zigged when they should have zagged.

* "Oops, the cutting blade slipped."
* "Darn, you were designed in red, WHY have you printed in black?"
* "WHAT, you're scratched?!  When did that happen?"
* "Oh you cursed stapler!  Why can't you stay put?!"

...You get the idea!

All of the products in this section are brand new with slight, or not-so-slight, imperfections.

  • Prototypes that didn't work out quite as expected.
  • Samples
  • Products damaged during production.

None of these products is worthy of the trash or recycling bin just yet.  We didn't have the heart to throw them away.  Each still is functional, useful and in need of a loving home!  


    There are no products in this category.

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